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Help For Gambling Addiction

First if you came to this page, your probably wondering wtf is up with the design. Well - when I first built this page it was on the standard website which means it had flashy banners and links to a bunch of pages related to slots. After a while I felt that anyone who actually lands on this page probably doesn't want to see a page with banners or anything that could be "tempting". For that reason alone, this page was cut down to the absolute basics. You came here for information about problem gambling, be it for your self or someone else. The absolute last thing your interested is what our main site is about. Below you'll find information on problem gambling. Some very useful links for various centers and phone numbers for places you can call for help.

Gambling can be a fun and exciting activity and most people never have a problem with gambling, be it at the local casino or online. That said gambling can be extremely addicting and many people do suffer from problem gambling. SlotsGeek provides players with information on where to play, and various slot machines but we also want to make sure that if our readers have a problem that they will be able to find resources available to them.

This page gives information for users on where you can go if you have a gambling problem as well as information about self exclusion programs. Before we provide all the contacts we would like people to understand that a gambling problem doesn’t exist only with people who are driven to gamble on a daily basis. A person can gamble only a few times a month or even every other month and still have a problem. These events are referred to as binges.

There are multiple services available for people who have gambling problems as well as support programs for people who know someone who has a gambling problem. We have listed all the contact numbers and websites below. If you play online there is a program that you can do yourself if you think it’s becoming out of control. Every gaming site offers a self-exclusion program

What is self-exclusion?

Self-exclusion means that you can request that the establishment put you on the exclusion list which gives them permission to deny you access to the gambling website and/or land based casino. For online programs, your name would be added to a list which is maintained by Integrity. If you were to sign up to a new room which is a registered member of this program your account would be cross referenced with this list and when found would be denied access. In land based casinos your name is added to their database. The land based casinos will actually ban you from the property meaning you will not even be able to so much as park your car in the parking lot. This is a great program for people who are able to take that first step. To request that you be denied access you can usually find this in the lobby of the gaming site you are playing on, or if it’s a casino fill out a form by going to the customer service desk.

Resources Available for Gambling Addictions and Problem Gambling

Gamblers Anonymous

Directory of Links for Programs in Various Countries
USA Hotline - 1-888-GA-HELPS
Canada Hotline - 1 - 888-GA-HELPS

The National Council on Problem Gambling 24 Hour Helpline 1-800-522-4700
730 11th St, NW, Ste 601
Washington, DC 20001
Phone 202.547.9204
Fax 202.547.9206

Gam-Anon International

Service Office, Inc.
PO Box 157
Whitestone, NY 11357
718-352-1671 phone
718-746-2571 fax

2nd Floor
7-11 St John's Hill
SW11 1TR

Support Groups for Addictions

This site here lists some great resources if you are looking for support groups for addiction to gambling or for someone you know who has a gambling problem.

Dmoz Gambling Addiction

More Information on Gambling Addictions and Problem Gambling

Gamblers Anonymous

National Council on Problem Gambling (US)

Gambler's Help Southern - Australia

National Center for Responsible Gaming

Compulsive Gamblers Self-Assessment

Final Report of Task Force on Gambling Addiction in Maryland

The Institute for Gambling Education and Research at the University of Memphis

Report on Gambling Motivated Fraud in Australia 1998 - 2007